Our bad habits are another’s luxury.

Gabby, 18, California, GTA addict.
I'm boring and a waste of your time.


Courtney Summers, This Is Not a Test

Gabby: Excusez-moi.
Steph: Shut up, you french bastard.
Gabby: YOU LIKE A FRENCH BASTARD. Jerome or whatever his name is. Remember?! You didn't even know he was french to begin with.
Steph: Well I'm sorry I've never been to French. No, I mean France.
Gabby: You fucking idiot.

I’ve got nothing

I’ve got nothing left.

my current top 25 ouat characters

4. prince charming

steph is already having snow/charming feels

my evil plan has worked


me rn with gabby


How Gabby and I read fanfics…. by reading it from her screen.

GTA Stories #1

gabby: *dies in my car while i'm in the passenger seat*
me: *dies while soft jazz music plays in the background* FUCKING SOFT JAZZ MUSIC WAS PLAYING WHILE I WAS DYING.
gabby: oopsies.
me: *spectates her while soft jazz music is still playing then she dies and the music disappears* THE MUSIC IS GONE.
 *soft jazz music starts playing again*